Innovac GmbH Used machines from Germany
Linia do produkcji syntetycznych włókien odcinkowych Motan / Barmag / Sew
Nr. oferty  INNO26699
The staple fibre plant for sale specializes in the production of regenerated fibres from recycled raw materials and is designed for demanding applications in the automotive and textile industries. With a daily capacity of 35-40 tons per titer range, the plant is designed for two production lines and a downstream belt line with semi-automatic baling press. The production line includes important process stages such as drying and dehumidification, extrusion, spinning, fiber drawing, drawing and crimping, followed by a cutting process and packaging in bales. Extensions and modernizations were carried out, including 5x SCHOLZ dosing systems (2013), 4x extruder screws for line C (2014), 24x spinning pumps for line C (2015), 25x spinning pumps for line D (2016), as well as a conversion of all systems in the sliver line to individual drives from SIEMENS (2015). In addition, various components such as motors and gearboxes for extruders and reel drive units were updated. 6-7 operators are required for the operational organization. The system is offered with all associated technical documentation and process data to ensure a smooth transition and efficient continuation of production. Other technical details worth mentioning are the dimensions of the line: the spinning section extends over 20x30x18 meters, while the belt line has a size of 18x120x10 meters. A technical defect has put the system out of operation. Documentation available. On-site inspection is possible.
Producent Motan / Barmag / Sew
Typ nieznany
Rok produkcji 2006
Cena Na zapytanie
Nr. oferty INNO26699
Zapytanie w sprawie oferty Linia-do-produkcji-syntetycznych-włókien-odcinkowych Motan-Barmag-Sew (INNO26699)

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