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Coating Line ROTEC
Offer No. INNO17396
Description:Coating Line includes: (1) Pretreatment Plant: volume flow: 3000m³/h, heating output: 2x 100kW (2) Process Water Treatment: evaporator output: 60l/h (3) Retained Water Dryer: length: 7200mm, width: 3600mm, height: 3800mm (4) Cooling Canal: volume flow: 8000m³/h, length: 7200mm, width: 3600mm, height: 3800mm (5) 2x Spraying Booth Drying Plant with heat recovery: temperature: 20-25°C, circulating air volume flow: 8000m³/h (6) Power and Free Conveyor with 45 carriages: length: 2600mm, width: 750mm, height: 1750mm (7) Steel Construction for Conveyor (8) 18x Workplaces for grinding/ fillinh: volume flow: 10000m³/h (9) Plant Control including visualisation (10) Air Intake System: volume flow: 7500-15000m³/h.
Model:no record
Capacity:no record
Year of manufacture:1997
Price:on application
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