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Glass Vessel Reactor Stirring Apparatus
Offer No. INNO16809
Description:Glass spherical mixing vessel 50l - mobile VA tubular frame (demonstration model). Mixing motor speed: 0-700/min, power: 0.55kW, mechanical seal: Al2O3/PTFE+, PTFE angled blade agitator: 4 winged/ pressing, PTFE handhole cover DN: 100L with quick lock, bottom angle valve: DN 25/ 22 Olive, operational temperature: -10° to 140°C, operational pressure: -1 to 0.5bar, stainless steel pipe construction with VA/Gi swivel castors, with CE plug 16A and motor protective switch.
Make:no record
Model:no record
Capacity:no record
Year of manufacture:unknown
Price:on application
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