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Universal Machining Centre SPINNER U5-630
Offer No. INNO15758
Description:X-travel: 630mm, y-travel: 530mm, z-travel: 465mm, table size: 650x500mm, tabel load: 500kg max., T-bolts: 18H8, feed rate/ rapid traverse: 48m/min, number of axis: 4, rotational speed: 12000-15000/min, tool mount: SK40, torque: 135Nm, number of tool stations: 32, tool diameter: 76-130mm, tool length: 300m max., tool weight: 7kg max., length: 2750mm, width: 2530mm, height: 2810mm, weight: 8t, control: Siemens 840DE Solution Line, operational hours: 4000h, with special magazine upgrade to 124 slots, 122 different tool available, including direct measuring system, hydraulic brakes, high pressure rinsing, exhaust fan, compressed air nozzle, technology package 5 axis milling and tool monitoring through current draw.
Capacity:no record
Price:on application
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