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Cooling Tower GWK KD 12-18-3
Offer No. INNO15740
Description:Cooling capacity: 330kW, water flow rate: 40m³/h, Water entrance /exit temperature: 32°C /25°C, wet bulb temperature: 20°C, water loss through evaporation: 0.5m³/h, number of ventilators: 1, rotational speed: 720-1455/min, motor power: 1.4-6.8kW, nominal current: 5.7-13.7A, length: 3500mm, width: 1250mm, height: 2295mm, weight depending on operation: 0.66-1.4t, including Two Chamber Container BP 33: Capacity: 2x3000l and control cabinets.
Model:KD 12-18-3
Capacity:no record
Price:on application
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