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Spectrophotometer ColorLite sph860
Offer No. INNO15554
Description:Measurement geometry: 0-45°, illuminants: D65, D55, D50, A, C, F11, standard observer: 2°-10°, colour scales: XYZ, Yxy, Delta E CIE L*a*b*, L*u*v*, L*C*h, Hunter Lab, spectral light source measurement: 400-700nm, spectral resolution: <10-500nm, scanning in 3.5nm steps, 115x16Bit values per scan, display: 1/4-VGA, 320x240 pixel, scanning time: 0.5s, power supply: rechargable battery NiMH 6-Volt/ 1100mAh, operating time: >12h, memory: 1000 standard colours, 1000 colour values, 300 spektra (400-700nm/ 3.5nm), dimensions: 180x82x40mm, weight: 370g, ambient temperature: 15-45°C, max. relative humidity: 85%, there are 2 little used units available, including 2x working standards small: diameter: 36mm, ceramic surface: 10mm and 1x highly stable green standard.
Capacity:no record
Price:on application
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