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Innovac GmbH
Double Screwdriver Advancing Unit POWASERT ADS-DE I

Technical details on demand.

New: 1995

Innovac GmbH
Circular Brushing Machine RAIMANN & CIE USM 55

Including 27 spare brushes with a diameter of 500mm.

New: 1979

Innovac GmbH

Output: 1-140m³/h, including accessories.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Container Sorting Machine KRONES Sekamat

Controls: KRONES iPanel.

New: 2014

Innovac GmbH
Chamber Furnace GLASBEEK FINISH G 1101

Inner dimensions: 6000x2500x2350mm, max. temperature: 280°C, length: 6980mm, width: 6010mm, height: 4350mm, weight: 10.4t, with Gas Burner WEISHAUPT: fuel: natural gas, gas consumption: 28m³/h.

New: 2007

Innovac GmbH
Industrial Cleaning Machine HOBART FUX

Connected load: 8kW, length: 5500mm, width: 800mm, height: 2000mm.

New: 2001

Innovac GmbH
Vacuum Filling Machine VEMAG Robby 134

Controls: VEMAG PC II, including accessories and ice flake maker.

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH
Frame Saw KASTO EBS 460U

Cutting range round/ square/ rectangular/ 45°: 460/ 380x380/ 460x230/ 290mm, clamping unit is defective.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Cold Circular Saw TRENNJÄGER VC 320 HA

Cutting speed: 1500-3000m/min, documentation available.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Screw Compressor BLITZ MONSUN 15P

Suction capacity: 2080l/min, overpressure: 10bar, rotational speed: 7160/min, motor power: 15kW.

New: 2000

Innovac GmbH
Automatic Screenprinter OMSO M3

System consists of: (1) Tube Feeding System IWK TZ 201: tray dimensions: 650x600x265mm, tube dimensions: 50x75-250mm (2) Automatic Screenprinter OMSO M3 (3) Tube Packer CERULEAN FPS-1.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Filling Machine SIFA Bag in Box 1 TS

Filling format: 1.5-10l, including Steriliser VINOSERVICE Kft: output: 1000l/h, temperature: 65-70°C.

New: 2005

Innovac GmbH
CNC Table Drilling Machine UNION BFT 130

X-travel: 2500mm, y-travel: 2500mm, z-travel: 2500mm, W-travel: 1000mm, rotational speed: 5-1000/min, table surface: 1800x2000mm, max. table load: 8t, controls: HEIDENHAIN TNC 355, connected load: 70k...

New: 1989

Innovac GmbH
Paternoster INTERTEX InterMat Z28/ 24T

Number of load carriers: 9, load capacity per carrier: 1.2t each, total load: 10.8t, controls: INTERTEX Terminal S3001 Rev.4.

New: 1992

Innovac GmbH
Double Mitre Saw RAPID DGL

Cutting length: 285-6000mm, rotational speed: 2800/min, working height: 860mm, saw blade diameter: 500mm, controls: RAPID ELECTRONIC E 190.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Horizontal Drilling Machine UNION BFP 130 CNC

X-travel: 5600mm, y-travel: 2500mm, z-travel: 420mm, W-travel: 900mm, spindle diameter: 130mm, rotational speed: 5-1000/min, plate dimensions: 4000x2000mm, feed rate: 5-2500mm/min, controls: HEIDENHAI...

New: 1991

Innovac GmbH
Chain Diamond Cutting Machine FICO FKD 3

Max. spindle rotational speed: 16,000-22,000/min, conveyor roller diameter: 110mm, speed: 10m/min, connected load: 1.97kW, length: 750mm, width: 1320mm, height: 1720mm, weight: 230kg.

New: 2004

Innovac GmbH
Filling and Sealing Line BREITNER IDL 2065

Filling formate: 100-1000ml, speed: 12-60 cycles/min, compressed air supply: 6bar, compressed air consumption: 60l/min, connected load: 1kW, including sealer and conveyor belt.

New: 1992

Innovac GmbH
Screw Compressor BOGE S20

Air pressure: 10bar, volume flow: 2.24m³/min.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Screw Compressor BOGE C20

Air pressure: 8bar, volume flow: 2,55m³/min, length: 1060mm, width: 722mm, height: 1740mm.

New: 2015

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