Innovac GmbH Used machines from Germany
Placement System Zevatech/juki/dek FS730/FM740/TR4NEZ/265
Offer No.  INNO27261
A placement line with three (3) Zevatech/Juki placement machines, one (1) Zevatech/Juki tray changer and one (1) DEK screen printer is available. 1) 2x Zevatech/Juki FS730, year of manufacture: 1995, max. placement capacity: 3000/h, placement modules: 4, placement accuracy: +/-0.01mm, changeover time: 0.7s-1.1s. 2) Zevatech/Juki FM740, year of manufacture: 1997, max. placement capacity: 10000/h, placement accuracy: +/-0.05mm, board dimensions X/Y: 400mm/350mm, feeder inputs: 80/8mm, placement modules: 2. 3) Tray changer Zevatech/Juki TR4NEZ, year of manufacture: 1995. 4) SMD screen printer DEK 265, year of manufacture: 1995, printing process: Stencil printing, max. PCB size: 450mm/340mm, printing accuracy at 6 Sigma: +/-12.5┬Ám, max. PCB thickness: 6mm, dimensions X/Y/Z: approx. 1400mm/1600mm/1500mm, weight: approx. 900kg. All machines are part of a complete system and are controlled by the same PC. On the screen printer, the front squeegee axis amplifier board is defective. Documentation available.
Make Zevatech/juki/dek
Model FS730/FM740/TR4NEZ/265
Year of manufacture 1995
Price On application
Offer No INNO27261
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