Innovac GmbH Used machines from Germany
Window And Door Production Line Stürzt/rotox/kruba-italmac HSM/VSM-20/GZS/HFL
Offer No.  INNO26733
A window and door production line with 7 machines is available. 1) 1.1) HT line: Horizontal four-head welding machine (HSM) Stürtz, year of construction: 2019. 1.2) 2 MC - 1 head cleaner Stürtz with tool carrier top and bottom, year of construction: 2009. Add-ons for frames and sashes, profile type: Veka, installation depths: 70mm/76mm/82mm/116mm, max. size: approx. 2600mm/4000mm. 2) HFL Kruba milling machine: 3-axis milling machine, year of manufacture: 2011. 3) Rotox GZS glazing bead saw, year of manufacture: 2011. 2000 pieces in 8 hours. With 10-pair loading magazine (corresponds to 20 glazing beads) and 20-pair automatic removal table (corresponds to 40 cut glazing beads). 4) Series line: 4.1) & 4.2) Vertical four-head welding machine Stürtz VSM-20/VSM26-Turbo with handling system, year of manufacture: 2019. 4.3) Horizontal four-head plastering machine Stürtz MC-H4K-30/26, year of manufacture: 2019. 4. 4) 20-fold buffer system with distribution Stürtz, year of construction: 2019. Quantity approx. 480 in 8 hours, add-ons for frames and sashes, profile type: Veka construction depths: 70mm/76mm/82mm, min. size: approx. 340mm/380mm max. size: approx. 2600mm/2800mm. The machines are only sold as a package deal. Individual machines cannot be sold separately.
Make Stürzt/rotox/kruba-italmac
Year of manufacture 2019
Price On application
Offer No INNO26733
Online-Inquiry Offer Window-And-Door-Production-Line Stürzt-rotox-kruba-italmac HSM-VSM-20-GZS-HFL (INNO26733)

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