Innovac GmbH Used machines from Germany
Sand-lime Brick Factory Semet/jöst/fahrwerk/eirich/atlas
Offer No.  INNO26628
Sand feeding/mixing/reactors (modernized in 2007): Control system: Siemens S7, number of machines: 23. 5x Jöst discharge chutes, sand screen, mixer, Eirich UE 62 discharge unit, bucket elevator, reactors, twin-shaft mixer, various weighing belts and conveyor belts. Press plant (modernized in 2012): Control system: Siemens S7, number of machines: 6. 2x Atlas presses incl. table removal and stacking device, scraper, empty trolley platform and Semet turntables, Atlas blank transfer table, 2 press tools in use and 22 additional tools available, various conveyor belts. Hardening shop/steam boiler (modernized in 2015): Control system: Siemens S7, number of machines: 13. Dapf boiler standard burner Saacke, 9x hardening boiler Scholz with automatic condensate drainage, water treatment Grünbeck, condensate collection tank, low-pressure feed water tank, approx. 130 hardening scales. Packaging system (modernized in 2014): Samet pallet packaging system with automatic film shrinking machine, package size: approx. 1m x 1m x 1m, control system: Siemens S7, number of machines: 9. Semet pull-out platform, compactor in longitudinal direction, trolley removal gripper, transfer table, slat conveyor, turnover gripper, pallet loading gripper with travel path, Erapa Lenzen combination shrink unit, various chain conveyors and travel paths. Annual NFE with 2-shift work: 15 million. An on-site visit is possible.
Make Semet/jöst/fahrwerk/eirich/atlas
Model unknown
Year of manufacture 2007
Price On application
Offer No INNO26628
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