Innovac GmbH Used machines from Germany
Glass Edges Grinding Drilling and Washing Plant Bentler 2500 C 4/0E
Offer No.  INNO15723
Plant includes: (1) Roller Conveyor (2) Industrial Robot IRB 7600: Number of axis: 6, glass plate size: 1100x1300-2200x2600mm, cycle time: 13-18s (3) Bogie with 2 slots: Load capacity: 4t per frame, intake height: 510mm (4) Roller Conveyor (5) Belt Conveyor: Shard extraction conveyor length: 500mm (6) Double-sided Grinding Machines: Glass plate thickness: 2-8mm, glass plate size: 500x500-2200x2600mm, coolant pump output: 2x280l/min, transport speed: 3-20m/min (7) Roller Conveyor (8) Portal Drilling Machine: Transport speed infeed/ outfeed conveyor: 20m/min, x-travel speed: 48m/min, y-travel speed: 64m/min, vertical stroke: 120mm, drilling diameter: 75mm (9) Tool Changer (10) Roller Conveyor: Length: 500mm (11) Washing Machine: Pumping pressure: 10bar, heating output: 12kW (12) Belt Conveyor (13) Roller Conveyor (14) Paper Applicator (15) Roller Conveyor (16) Unloading Conveyor (17) Industrial Robot IRB 7600 (18) Bogie with 2 slots: Load capacity: 4t per frame, intake height: 400mm.
Make Bentler
Model 2500 C 4/0E
Year of manufacture unknown
Price On application
Offer No INNO15723
Online-Inquiry Offer Glass-Edges-Grinding-Drilling-and-Washing-Plant Bentler 2500-C-4-0E (INNO15723)

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