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Gravimetric Mixing Line AZO
Offer No. INNO15144
Description:Mixing Line includes: (1) Gravimetric Two Component Mixing Plant AZO: 2 conveying air filfers, 2 weighing cells, 2 granulate cutters with granulate tank, 2 vacuum pumps, suction box with mixing drum, steel construction for gravimetric plant, granulate silo with vacuum pump, capacity granulate silo: 7t, output: 1.3t/h (2) Two Component Mixing Plant AZO: Dosing unit DOE 500/64, output: 500kg/h, dosing unit 320/54, output: 250kg/h, rotational speed screw: 300r/min max., including control (3) Vacuum Pump AZO 250-138: Operating pressure: 20mbar, number of machines: 7 (4) Granulate Tank: Capacity: 100-150kg, number on machines: 6 (5) Two Way Granulate Switch: Diameter pipe: 50mm, number of machines: 7 (6) PE Train Station: Including connections for piping and control (7) Granulate Suction Box: Connections: 8, number of machines: 9, plant is oparational till May 5th 2017.
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Price:on application
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