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Diameter: 1000mm, including cylindrical sieve, inundater, overflow and outlet bottom, round, central zentral, variation VA.

New: 2006

Innovac GmbH
Two Column High Speed Press SCHULER A2-80

Pressing force: 800kN, clamping table dimensions: 900x670mm, stroke: 25mm, ram adjustment: 60mm, stroke speed: 100-500/min, including Double Coiler with Straightener SCHULER A2HR 180-2: outer roll dia...

New: 1974

Innovac GmbH
Two Column High Speed Press SCHULER SA 125

Pressing force: 1250kN, stroke: 25mm, ram adjustment: 60mm, stroke speed: 70-700/min, roller feed band width: 250mm, weight: 26t, including Double Coiler with Straightener A2HR 250/2: outer roll diame...

New: 1976

Innovac GmbH
Milling Machine TOS KURIM FGS 63 NCP

X-travel: 1400mm, y-travel: 630mm, z-travel: 600mm, clamping surface: 1800x630mm, spindle cone in the milling head: ISO 50, rotational speed: 2800/min, angular head with quill stroke: 90mm, drive powe...

New: 2002

Innovac GmbH
Console Milling Machine RECKERMANN KOMBI 1000

X-travel: 1000mm, y-travel: 370mm, z-travel: 430mm, spindle head counterholder distance: 145mm, spindle head table edge distance: 370mm, workpiece weight: 500kg, clamping surface: 1370x400mm, T-bolts:...

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
Welding Robot CLOOS ROMAT 76

Rotation tilting/ panning/ rotating: 240°/ 270°/ 320°, motor power: 0.127-0.82kW, data interface: V 24, inputs/ outputs: 16-96, weight: 300kg.

New: 1989

Innovac GmbH

Compression medium: air, output: 16m³/min, suction pressure: 1bar, rotational speed: 3000/min, air pressure: 8bar max., motor power: 90kW.

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Refrigerant Dryer COMPAIR DEMAG AD 158

Refrigrrant pressure: 16-20bar, air pressure: 16bar max., compressed air temperature: 60°C max., ambient temperature: -2°C to 50°C, connected load: 1.9kW, refrigerant charge: 3t.

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Refrigerant Dryer DONALDSON SD 0850 AP

Refrigerant quantity: 1.7kg, refrigerant pressure: 16-20bar, refrigerant temperature: -10°C to 120°C, compressed air pressure: 16bar, compressed air temperature: 2-70°C, connected load: 1.8kW.

New: 2008

Innovac GmbH
Shrink Wrapper SMIPACK S440

Welding frame size: 440x300mm, product height: 210mm, output: 300pieces/h, roll width: 300-500mm, heating output: 2.3kW, weight: 114kg.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Cutting and Bar Lathe WEWAG 250

Center height: 250mm, swing over bed: 500mm, swing over support: 300mm, tuning length: 1000mm, spindel bore: 56mm, bed width: 425mm, rotational speed: 18-1800/min, connected load: 7.3kW, weight: 2.7t,...

New: 1972

Innovac GmbH
CNC Machining Centre BURKHARDT+WEBER MC 60

X-travel: 1000mm, y-travel: 800mm, z-travel: 800mm, interference diameter: 1170mm, rapid traverse/ feed rate: 25m/min max., feed force: 17kN, round table speed: 15/min, workpiece pallet: 2x 630x800mm,...

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH

X-travel: 700mm, y-travel: 630mm, z-travel: 550mm, table load: 800kg, tool mount: HSK A63, tool clamping force: 18kN, number of tool slots: 16, tool diameter: 90-125mm, tool length: 250mm max., tool w...

New: 2000

Innovac GmbH
Lathe WAGNER DCE 230

Working length: 750-2000mm, turning length: 700-1900mm, centre height: 230mm, centre distance: 750-2000mm, swing over bed: 460mm max., swing over sledge: 260mm max., spindle bore: 78mm, rotational spe...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Hydraulic Steel Shear MUBEA HIW 750

Flachstahl mit Messer 2,5°: 450x15mm, Scherquerschnitt: 22750mm² max., L-Stahl 90°: 115x13mm, L-Stahl 45°/ 90°: 70x7mm/ 100x75x11mm, T-Stahl 90°: 90x10mm, Durchmesser Rund-/Vierkantstahl: 50/44mm, Abm...

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH
Cold Circular Saw TRENNJÄGER LTS 400

Sawblade diameter: 400mm, workpiece dimensions 90°/ 45°: 400x125/ 280x125mm, rotational speed: 30m/min max., connected load: 380V, length: 2440mm, width: 1560mm, height: 2200mm, weight: 1.4t, number o...

New: 1991

Innovac GmbH

Operational overpressure: 2bar, neck diameter: 50mm, geometric capacity: 198l, evaporation rate: 0.6%/d, length: 880mm, width: 700mm, height: 1225mm, outer diameter: 700mm, empty/ full weightl: 96/ 25...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
CNC External Cylindrical Grinding Machine IMT PULSAR H 375

X-travel: 450mm max., z-travel: 1950mm, speed: 20m/min max., centre distance: 2700mm, grinding length: 1700mm, centre height: 350mm, grinding diameter: 600mm max., weight between the centres: 700kg ma...

New: 2013

Innovac GmbH
CNC External Cylindrical Grinding Machine HYFRA, TACCHELLA

Machine includes: (1) CNC External Cylindrical Grinding Machine SW4: grinding wheel diameter: 600-915mm, grinding wheel width: 100mm, circumferential speed: 40m/s, centre width: 3160mm max., workpiece...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machine BWF SI 125x175

Bore: 125mm max., grinding length: 175mm, workpiece spindle rotational speed: 85-500/min, grinding spindle rotational speed: 5880-12500/min, table speed: 1-6m/min, connected load: 6.5kW, weight: 2.5t....

New: unknown

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