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Innovac GmbH
Radial Drilling Machine Meuser & Co. M35R

Drilling depth: 210mm, table length: 450mm, table width: 600mm, speed range: 50-2250rpm (12-step).

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Laser Cutting Machine Amada LASMAC LC 2415 Alpha 2

X-axis: 2530mm, Y-axis: 1530mm, Z-axis: 300mm, cutting speed: 0-20m/min, laser power: 2000W, sheet thickness: 12mm max.. Control: Fanuc 160iL.

New: 1998

Innovac GmbH
Milling Machine Maho MH 500 M

X-travel: 500mm, y-travel: 350mm, z-travel: 330mm, table dimensions: 800x360mm. Control: Maho 134.

New: 1993

Innovac GmbH
Telescopic Conveyor Caljan CBL3 5/6,5-600

Construction length (retracted): 5075mm, possible total length: 11575mm, total height: 800mm, belt width: 600mm, belt type: NHM-10EKBV, conveyor speed: 0,5m/s, conveyor drive power: 0.75kW, telescope ...

New: 2001

Innovac GmbH
Laser Cutting Machine Amada LASMAC LC 2415 Alpha 3

X-axis: 2520mm, y-axis: 1550mm, z-axis: 300mm, laser power: 3000W, sheet thickness: 12mm max. Control: Fanuc 160iL.

New: 2000

Innovac GmbH
Universal Milling Machine DMG DMU 50M

X-travel: 500mm, y-travel: 400mm, z-travel: 400mm, speed: 4500rpm. Control: Heidenhain.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Universal Milling Machine Deckel FP4M

X-travel: 500mm, y-travel: 350mm, z-travel: 400mm, table dimensions: 460x800mm, speed: 2500rpm.

New: 1986

Innovac GmbH
Laser Cutting Machine Amada LASMAC LCE 645

X-axis: 1270mm, y-axis:1000mm, z-axis: 110mm, traverse speed: 24m/min, power: 64kVA, laser power: 1000W, sheet thickness: 6mm max. Control: Fanuc.

New: 1992

Innovac GmbH
Hydraulic Punch Amada Vipros King 368

X-axis: 2000mm, y-axis: 1525mm, with automatic feed up: x-axis: 4000mm, y-axis: 1525mm, pressure: 294kN, sheet thickness: 3mm, load: 60kg max., traverse speed: x/y-axis: 80m/min, max. speed: 1200 stro...

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH
Projection Welding Machine Nimak BMP 6/100

Rated output: 100kVA.

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
Vertical Machining Center Hermle C800P

X-travel: 860mm, y-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 500mm, speed: 8000rpm, table clamping surface: 800x500mm, tool holder: SK40, toolmagazine with 24 slots. Control: Heidenhain TNC 430.

New: 1996

Innovac GmbH
Aluminium Gantry Crane Schilling

Load: 1000kg, beam length: 5100mm, height: 2120-3370mm. Accessoires: Chain Hoist Planeta GCHO 250/1NF (Load: 250kg).

New: 2006

Innovac GmbH
Milling Centre Deckel Maho DMU 70 eVolution

X-axis: 750mm, y-axis: 600mm, z-axis: 520mm, table diameter: 700mm, table load: 350kg max., tool magazine with 32 slots, tool holder: SK40, spindle speed: 20-18000UpM, measuring probe: infrared Renish...

New: 2001

Innovac GmbH
Flatbed Laminator Meyer RPS-K 2200

Working width: 2200mm, laminating speed: 2-15m/min, pressing force: 18N/cm² max., laminating gap: 0.5-30mm, heating zones independant adjustable, discharging zone water cooled, connected load: 83kW.

New: 1993

Innovac GmbH
Chiller Clivet WSAT-SC135F

Cooling capacity: approx. 350kW, refrigerant: R 407 C (approx. 65l), connected load: approx. 180kW.

New: 2005

Innovac GmbH
High Pressure Steam Boiler Loos UL-S 4000x10

Nominal capacity: 3792kg/h, burner Weishaupt L 10 T, dimensions (LBH): approx. 6343x2425x2945mm, with related chimney.

New: 2005

Innovac GmbH
Bar Loading Magazine FMB Turbo 10-65 XT

Bar diameter: 65mm, bar length: 3200mm.

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Automatic Short Bar Loader Breuning ILS RBK 10012

Bar diameter: 100mm max., operating hours: approx. 70h.

New: 2008

Innovac GmbH
Automatic Carton Closing Machine Siat SM48-P Type A

Carton dimensions (lwh min): 150 x 150 x 100mm, (lwh max): 8 x 800 x 800mm, adhesive tape material: PVC, OPP, paper tape, tape roll dimensions: diameter: 410mm max., roller width: 75mm max., closing u...

New: 2007

Innovac GmbH
Sinking EDM Machine AEG-Elotherm Elbomat 332 B-1

Clamping area: 900x600mm, X-travel: 750mm, Y-travel: 460mm, working range: approx. 1100x650x420mm, workpiece weight: 1000kg.

New: unknown

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